Official name of state: Bhutan
Inhabitants : 6,34,982
Capital : Thimphu
Area : 39,000 km2
Altitude: 240m -7541m above sea level
Religion :Vajrayana Buddhism

The Land of Thunder Dragon ("Druk Yul") globally known as Bhutan is in the Himalayan Mountains, sandwiched between two gains " China in North and India in south.  Bhutan was first unified to become a state under the rule of Zhabdrung Nawang Namgyel a saint in  the 17th century, later civil wars amongst local leaders turn against each other over and over again, though, until Trongsa Penlop Ugyen Wangchuck was unimously elected by people , monks and leaders to be the First Hereditary King in 1907 and peace prevailed in the country.

Bhutan is a landlocked country with size of 39,000sq. km it rises from an altitude of 100 metres in the South foothills of Himilaya to 7,550 metres in the North . The river valleys and Southern lowland plains offer enough arable land, however, to feed the whole population. More than 90 percent of the working population are employed in agriculture. Wet rice, wheat and potatoes are mainly cultivated by farmer families. Several hydroelectric power stations along the mountain rivers supply sufficient energy for the small industrial companies in the country. Textiles, household goods and wood processing are the most important products.

Bhutan nature, which is particularly diverse due to the difference in altitude and climate, enjoys special protection. One fourth of the country was turned into national parks. Any kind of lumbering requires a special license and it must not lead to a reduction of forest lands below 60 percent of the country's overall area.Bhutan has also always worked hard towards preserving its culture. Observing Bhutanese architectural styles is as much an obligation when constructing a building as is wearing traditional clothing in public.